Coronavirus-Related Grant Opportunities


The AMBA has gathered information on specific state, regional and national grants available to U.S. businesses and manufacturers, including several COVID-19-related opportunities. A few time-sensitive grants include:

  • Connecticut: A Manufacturing Voucher Program that includes a matching grant of up to $75,000 with a priority given to COVID-19-related work, as well as the Shared Work Program, where the state will help offset the cost of business downturns.
  • Colorado: The Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC), The Advanced Industry Investment Tax Credit program and tax relief through the Rural Jump Start program
  • National: Facebook - currently providing small business grants for areas wherever it has a business operation, while Verizon is providing funds for national grants
  • National: The Department of Education on June 23rd released a grant opportunity for state Workforce Investment Boards that was created in the CARES Act with a deadline for Notice of Intent to Apply of July 13, 2020 and a deadline for Applications of August 24, 2020. The grant is for short-term educational programs or career pathways programs created or expanded that must lead to certificates, badges, micro-credentials, licenses, or other workplace-relevant credentials that respond to the needs of employers or facilitate entrepreneurship. By definition, career pathways programs must also enable participants who have not already completed a high school diploma or equivalent to earn such a diploma or equivalent. More information available here.

The list of over 100 available grants in its entirety is currently only available to members. To download this list, please click here.