Coronavirus-Related Grant Opportunities


The AMBA has gathered information on specific state, regional and national grants available to U.S. businesses and manufacturers, including several COVID-19-related opportunities. A few time-sensitive grants include:

  • Connecticut: A Manufacturing Voucher Program that includes a matching grant of up to $75,000 with a priority given to COVID-19-related work, as well as the Shared Work Program, where the state will help offset the cost of business downturns.
  • Colorado: The Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC), The Advanced Industry Investment Tax Credit program and tax relief through the Rural Jump Start program
  • National: Facebook - currently providing small business grants for areas wherever it has a business operation, while Verizon is providing funds for national grants

The list of over 100 available grants in its entirety is currently only available to members. To download this list, please click here.