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The Franklin Partnership provides regular updates on legislation and other announcements related to COVID-19 and the current economic environment. The last update provided can be viewed here. Published on May 14, 2021. 

Comments from The Franklin Partnership: 

CDC is not OSHA, nor does its recommendations supersede state, local, and workplace mandates. Currently, the U.S. and EU are making progress on some of their trade talks surrounding steel and aluminum tariffs. Any agreement on the U.S. tariffs would include a commitment from Europe to help address Chinese overcapacity.

On taxes, Treasury’s Green Book is now coming out at the end of the month, which will elevate tax talks that have already been happening at the lobbyist/staff level for a few weeks.

The last update includes information specific to:

  • CDC and EEOC Testing and Vaccination Requirements
  • CDC Reopening Guidelines
  • Federal Unemployment Insurance Challenges
  • PPP Loan Update
  • Infrastructure Talks Status
  • Tax Increase Timeline
  • Supply Chain Disruptions

In addition to the above update, The Franklin Partnership has also provided AMBA members with the below resources.