Preparing for Automation in the Tooling Industry

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Most people consider automation to be some sort of a robotic CNC center, which consists of a pallet loading/unloading machine.  This may be accurate by definition, but in reality, automation is a state of mind. 

Automation adoption can vary widely in a tooling facility, but it can - and should - be adopted in every single department. More importantly, adopting automation should not be seen as a destination, but rather a continuous improvement process that will affect every facet of one's business, from workforce development and R&D to processes, standards, data analysis and more.

During this webinar, Ed Bassous of R.E.R. Software will provide attendees with an understanding of the following: 

  • The step-by-step preparation needed to implement ongoing, automation-oriented processes
  • The workforce necessary to execute continuous improvement- and automation-related projects 
  • The role that defining and maintaining department-wide processes plays in automation implementation
  • The foundation for standardization
  • The importance of measuring successes and failures

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