Session 4: Emerging Leaders "Get Lean" Series

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Industry knowledge meets critical thinking in the newest series offered by the AMBA’s Emerging Leaders Network: Get Lean - A Project-Based Application.

During this six-part series, Continuous Improvement Consultant Matin Karbassioon will coach 40-and-under AMBA member attendees through the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of lean manufacturing principles, including deeper dives into problem-solving methodology, visual-management, the importance and method of value stream thinking and more. Through Karbassioon's facilitation, attendees will explore the tenents of these principles, how they can be applied in a manufacturing environment and what opportunities exist for employees at any level to think differently about existing challenges, drive process improvement and create financial benefit for their employers.

Each one-hour session will explore a lean manufacturing principle and will include exercises that will enable attendees to walk away with the ability to practically apply each principle learned within their own facility.

Session Dates and Details:

*PASSED*  Monday, October 12 | 11AM EST: Introduction to Lean

  • Lean principles and practices
  • Value-added vs. Non-value-added
  • The 8 Wastes

*PASSED*  Monday, October 19 | 11AM EST: PDCA problem-solving methodology

  • PDCA (Plan - Do - Check - Act) overview
  • Project Charter with a focus on defining a problem
  • Exercise: Write a problem statement

*PASSED* Monday, October 26 | 11AM EST: Value-Stream Mapping

  • Definition and importance of value-stream thinking
  • Value-Stream Map examples (Office and Factory)
  • Homework: Develop a High-Level VSM 

Monday, November 2 | 11AM EST: Workplace Organization and Standardization/Visual Management

  • The 5 Phases of WPOS
  • Examples of 5Ss and Visual Management
  • Exercise: The Numbers Game

Monday, November 9 | 11AM EST: Team Facilitation

  • Definition
  • The Dos and Don’ts of facilitation
  • Exercise: Six Thinking Hats

Monday, November 16 | 11AM EST: Application Review 

  • Attendees will share progress, series takeaways and examples of how series techniques and processes have been (or could be) implemented in their own facility. Participants will also receive coaching from the facilitator on existing and new challenges as they relate to the implementation of described processes. 

By registering for this series, attendees are making the commitment to attend all or as many of these sessions as possible. This series will rely on peer sharing and support that will be cultivated over the course of this series. Participants will also be expected to participate in each session on camera, in small group breakout and in large-group discussion formats. For missed sessions, recordings will be available.

Cost: TDB. If interested in registering for and/or attending the remaining sessions, please email Rachael Pfenninger at for availability. 

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