Webinar: Navigating OSHA Standards for Medical and Recreational Marijuana Use

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Today, many states allow for medical marijuana use and, in some states, even recreational marijuana use. However, OSHA has not revised its requirements to employers to provide a safe workplace for its employees.  

Presenters Nelva Smith and Vanessa Towarnicky, Septoe & Johnson PLLC, will tackle questions and provide guidance related to this challenge facing employers, including:

  • How does an employer tackle OSHA's standard under the Gentle Duty Clause?
  • How do employers navigate state laws that legally allow medical and recreational marijuana use?
  • How can employers reduce their risk?
  • What does the Americans with Disabilities Act say about medical marijuana use in the workplace and an employer's obligation to accommodate use by its employees?
  • What should employers consider when developing their policies and procedures around employee marijuana use in and outside of the workplace?


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