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Mold Repair T/M?

Posted: Wed Feb 27, 2019 3:31 pm
by aamolddesignandtool
I just complete a mold repair on an old (40+ years), hot runner tool all cartridge heaters.
I was originally asked to replace the 2 connectors that where broken. Fixed that.
Then a 5" heater went bad after testing at assembly. Fixed that.
Delivered then a 22" heater had no continuity on the TC. Fixed that.
Had to get a custom made heater asap. Did that.
Then we had blow by on the heater, asap over night. Fixed that.
Then he wanted me to order spare heaters. Did that.
I sent a bill, he was shocked, he didn't say he would not pay it, but,
he needs an itemized list of all expenditures, hours and shop rate.
In 17 years in doing this I have never had a molder ask me this.
This is a new customer. I've only done 2 other repairs, one T/M and one quoted.
Other shops in my area have went out of business, that why he picked me up.
He did say he has new work for me to quote, but they all say that.
Any suggestions how to handle this?

Re: Mold Repair T/M?

Posted: Mon Mar 04, 2019 4:39 pm
by JimSperber
Hi Mark, what I do is if they ask I give them any itemized list & I usually pad it so it looks like they are getting a deal.
I figure that's what they get for questioning me. My other advise is always start high and you can always come down.( I have 1 customer like this but we also get new work from them)