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Exploration of Injection Molding Technology for Pet Product

Posted: Wed Dec 23, 2020 11:04 am
The AMBA office has received the request below. If you have an interest or can help, please contact Maya Rao directly at 617.905.5374, or via email,

Here are the details that were submitted:

I am representing a pet food company that is exploring injection molding technology for producing pet chew products using high starch food materials. We are looking for a quality mold maker.

The injection molded treats will not be made of plastic resin, but consist of high starch material that will ideally accommodate range of carbohydrate (corn, wheat, and rice) and protein-based materials (gluten, animal meals, and vegetable proteins). Our client has no prior experience with injection molding, so they would not be able to specify exactly what they need, but look for design and engineering help from the mold manufacturer.

Thank you!