Member Testimonials

"The AMBA has got us together to see what and how others do, allowing us to learn more about the industry."

— Rene Eisenring, General Manager
Hasco America

"Seeing how they developed and sustained a culture of continuous improvement, how it's affecting the process positively."

— Andy Peterson, Production Supervisor
Industrial Molds

"A lot of people could question 'what could one learn from such a small shop'. I believe everyone that attended the tour learned a lot and took away a very unique experience that can be applied to any shop. This small shop takes developing people to a level not yet seen in the industry."

— Toby Bral, Sales Manager 
M.S.I. Mold Builders

"The Westminster shop tour really opened my eyes to the power of people. Invest in your people and give them the authority to make decisions and changes as needed will drive growth and a strong culture."

— Justin McPhee, VP Engineering
Mold Craft, Inc.

"I can't say enough how much we gain from being part of the AMBA/ The sharing of information in shop tours and collaboration with peers has been extremely beneficial. We recently took on a package of tools with a mold that could not be built as we had quoted it. Because of the relationships we have created with the AMBA, we were able to reach out to another shop who specialized in these types of molds and helped us by reviewing the mold design with us and offered some great insight. The mold was a huge success and the customer was very happy."

— Andy Baker, Strategic Account Manager
Byrne Tool + Design

"Excellent opportunity to mingle with our industry peers and develop ideas that can be shared to ensure industry trade growth and recognition."

— Tom Emmons, Operations Manager
Mold Craft, Inc.

"The Westminster tour allowed us to see the building of a culture that embraced learning, improvement and involvement beyond what I have ever witnessed. The culture may not fit my organization entirely, but certainly opened my eyes to many opportunities a culture change presents."

— Mike Mullholand, CEO
Freeman Company