The American Mold Builders Association offers a variety of resources that benefit the mold building industry, including reports and publications, members-only access to cost-reduction programs, workforce development initiatives and strategic networking opportunities. To learn more about all of these resources, see below.

Reports and Publications

AMBA is the only organization in the U.S. mold manufacturing industry focused on creating and providing leading-edge benchmarking information to executives for the purpose of enabling them to make better, more informed decisions. 

AMBA's leadership team believes that "information is power" and has positioned AMBA as the information hub for the mold building industry. With this role, AMBA provides leading-edge benchmarks in a wide variety of areas, including but not limited to: 

  • General industry trends
  • Financial metrics
  • Human resource policies and procedures
  • Operations and plant floor management
  • Safety
  • Machine rates
  • Sales process and sales management

In addition to benchmarking publications, AMBA also offers the AMBA Sourcebook, a resource that lists all AMBA members (both mold manufacturers and suppliers to the industry), organized by capabilities and geographic location, and The American Mold Builder, a publication packed with the latest mold-related issues and top industry trends. 

View AMBA Publications here. To see open surveys, visit here.

Cost-Reduction Programs

With hundreds of mold builders as members, the AMBA is able to use economies of scale and enhanced leverage to obtain better pricing and opportunities for its members. These discount and price advantage programs from AMBA's Premier Partners positively impact the bottom line for each AMBA member.

To view AMBA's Premier Partners and the types of discount programs offered to AMBA members, visit here.

Workforce Development Initiatives

The AMBA supports a variety of workforce development initiatives that benefit both members and non-members. Examples include:

  • Scholarship opportunities, like the AMMA Grant, the National Scholarship Program and more
  • Information on pursuing a career in mold building, including an overview, FAQ, career path, technical programs and testimonials
  • Members-only recruitment tools and strategic guidance for workforce development 
  • AMBA Skills Certification program, a credentialing program that assesses and certifies the skills of front-line mold manufacturing workers, from entry-level through first level of supervision within all sectors of the industry.

To see an overview of AMBA Workforce Development Initiatives, visit here.

Strategic Networking Opportunities

Participating in AMBA strategic networking events drives particular value for both AMBA members and non-members. Examples of opportunities offered include:

  • AMBA's annual conference, which is a no-nonsense, two-day exchange that provides profit-impacting information to senior executives in the mold building industry.
  • The biennial AMBA Leadership Summit, which allows executives the opportunity to reflect on current business situations while providing activities and engagements that challenge each leader to establish new, robust plans for an improved business model. 
  • Executive exchanges through plant tour workshops, where mold manufacturing executives learn about key strategies top member companies have in a variety of areas such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) assessments, business preparedness, employee involvement, best practices within the industry and much more.
  • Webinars, which are virtual opportunities for members to learn about industry-related topics, leading to more efficiently-run operations and great sustainability. 
  • Find A Mold Builder, which is AMBA's exclusive search engine that features AMBA member companies, sorted by machine size, geographic location, mold type and size, quality certifications and more.

To see what networking opportunities are coming up, visit the AMBA events calendar.