The Emerging Leaders Network (for Young Professionals)

The AMBA Emerging Leaders Network is a group that brings together 40-and-under innovative, creative and dedicated young professionals from across all AMBA member companies. These up-and-coming young professionals come from all over the country and all areas of business.

All Emerging Leaders events and learning and growth opportunities are held exclusively for young professionals in the mold building industry. Future events will focus on networking, leadership skills, benchmarking and creating important, lasting connections in the AMBA association. 


Areas of Focus

To represent all of its members - those in current leadership positions, others advancing in their field and the many members interested in specific technical knowledge - event and connection opportunities vary in scope throughout the year.

Examples of topics and areas of knowledge that may be explored by this group include: 

  • 5S System - The Visual Workplace
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Communication Strategies and Techniques
  • Leadership and professional development
  • Lean culture and change management
  • Problem-solving strategiesMentorships
  • Risk Management
  • Root cause analysis
  • Team Facilitation

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December 7, 2020 - Bridging the Gap: Helping Young Professionals Develop Into Effective Leaders

September 2019 - The Manufacturing Alliance Podcast Presents AMBA’s Emerging Leaders

Upcoming Opportunities

Meet the Mentor Program Track

Discuss operational leadership, risk-taking, communication challenges, problem-solving strategies and more in AMBA's newest series, "Meet the Mentor" -  a program track for AMBA Emerging Leaders that addresses challenges facing the next generation of leadership in mold manufacturing. 

Each month, AMBA’s 40-and-under emerging leaders will hear from seasoned industry professionals, who will provide insight into a core challenge previously identified by today’s emerging leaders. After hearing each mentor’s insights, challenges and recommendations, attendees will explore the challenge and potential solutions in their own facility, then come back together for follow-up peer-to-peer discussion. Core challenge themes will vary month-to-month and are defined below. Sessions will begin mid-February and will run quarterly through the month of September.

Registration: $29 per mentor session. View session topics and dates here.

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2021 Communication Symposium 

During this session, manufacturing professionals will engage in the practical application of communication techniques that will enable professionals in emerging leadership roles to identify process improvements, reduce inefficiencies and utilize the tools needed by leaders to successfully drive organizational change and bottom-line impact. 

Facilitator Lowell Applebaum will lead attendees through the practice and application of specific methodologies, including:

  • Listening tactics designed to minimize conflict and clarify peer communication
  • Conversation strategies to help avoid conflict through negotiation, identify process inefficiencies and explore business opportunities
  • Decision-making methods to help align goals with a balance of risk and autonomy throughout a department 

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Committee Involvement

As an AMBA Emerging Leader, you have the opportunity to drive what programming is offered by the Network each year - and that voice is amplified when you join one AMBA's Emerging Leaders Committees. 

Currently, the Network is recruiting members for the two following committees: 

Engagement Committee: As an AMBA Engagement Committee member, you will help drive awareness and engagement campaigns for AMBA's prospective and current Emerging Leaders Network members.

Events Committee: As an AMBA Events Committee member, you will help drive program, connection and professional development opportunities and events that address specific challenges and needs posed by members of the AMBA Emerging Leaders Network. 

By becoming an Emerging Leader Committee member, you'll have the chance to grow as a leader, develop personal connections with up-and-coming leaders in mold manufacturing and drive the progress of the industry forward.

For more information and to join, email Rachael Pfenninger at

Join the AMBA Emerging Leaders Network Today!

By officially "joining" the AMBA Emerging Leaders Network, you'll have the opportunity to stay in-the-know regarding upcoming connection and event opportunities throughout the year. There is no cost to become a Network member. 

Members of AMBA's Emerging Leaders Network:

  • Participate in networking, leadership and development opportunities
  • Have the opportunity to sit on a committee
  • Gain access to industry mentors
  • Experience an exclusive pre-conference session at the annual AMBA conference and additional plant tour opportunities
  • Network with and grow alongside other like-minded young professionals

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The AMBA's Emerging Leaders Network will be led by an executive committee, comprised of young professionals in the mold building industry. Executive committee meetings are held quarterly at either in-person events or virtual conference calls. Committees will be formed on an as-needed basis and may contain an unlimited number of members. Interested in joining the Emerging Leaders board? Let us know when you fill out your join application or email your interest to Rachael Pfenninger at


Membership is open to any young professional from a current AMBA member company under the age of 40 that is interested in AMBA's mission of uniting individuals and companies, understanding and sharing best practices, networking and building relationships and furthering the plastics industry. Applicants must belong to an AMBA member company.

Stay in-the-know on upcoming events and opportunities by completing the online interest form below.

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