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"I ended up in manufacturing after attending college for a couple years after high school, and it just wasn't for me. There was a job opening at NyproMold. I applied, got in, had onboard training and here I am now...What brought me to manufacturing was the ability to use advanced technology. What keeps me here is the fact that it's ever changing."

Keen Huntoon, CNC Machine Operator


"At the technical high school I attended, I had the opportunity to learn the basics of manufacturing on a milling machine, a lathe and CNC programming. I like this field because there's endless possibilities of where I could end up. I started here cleaning off parts and now I'm on the floor making them."

Danielle O'Conner, EDM Apprentice

Westminster Tool

"It feels good when I walk around stores and see things that were made from molds taht I helped build. Then I realize how many people we're reaching." 

Ryan Johnson, Program Manager


"In high school I took one class called Computer Integrated Manufacturing. It had to do with the basics of machining and automation and it really sparked my interest in manufacturing. I chose moldmaking because it's challenging and I get do something different every day."

Paxton Corey, Apprentice

MSI Mold Builders