AMBA offers a variety of strategic networking opportunities for both members and non-members, all of which drive high-impact takeaways that manufacturers can take back and implement in their businesses. 

To see the wide variety of strategic networking opportunities offered, read below.

AMBA Conference 2019

AMBA’s annual conference is a no-nonsense, two-day exchange that provides profit-impacting information to senior executives in the mold building industry. 

Each year, the AMBA Conference provides insights on industry trends, operational improvements and benchmarks that help attendees learn, improve and grow. 

The AMBA Conference 2018 in Grand Rapids, MI, drew record crowds and provided ample opportunities to connect in round table discussions, networking events and a plant tour workshop at Byrne Tool + Design.

AMBA understands the great importance of connecting with other mold building professionals in similar job functions. With over 200 mold manufacturing professionals attending from across the US annually, this conference is packed with value-driven programming geared to help business leaders learn new ways to improve profitability, connect with industry peers and become better at what they do!

AMBA Leadership Summit

The biennial AMBA Leadership Summit allows moldmaking executives the opportunity to reflect on their current business situations while providing activities and engagements that challenge each leader to establish new robust plans for an improved business model.

Details on registering for the 2019 AMBA Leadership Summit can be found on the Summit homepage.

Plant Tour Workshops

Mold manufacturing executives are aggressively looking for ways to improve their operations through automation, lights-out machining, job reporting and more. It seems that everyone has a different approach, but the end goal is to increase profits by maximizing efficiencies.   

AMBA hosts EXCLUSIVE plant tours at member plants on a quarterly basis. These plant tours focus on key strategies top member companies have in a variety of areas such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), assessments, business preparedness, employee involvement, best practices within the industry and much more.      

Each plant tour event has something for everyone so management teams of all sizes are welcome to attend. Attendees have the opportunity to:

  • Tour the manufacturing operations of other members
  • Examine the innovative processes used on the production floor to maximize quality
  • Learn about business systems and approaches to serving the customer
  • Engage in cross-discussion with other senior manufacturing professionals about approaches to continuous improvement

The Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Summit

Executives who run best-in-class companies understand the importance of comprehensive EHS management; it not only makes good business sense; it also significantly impacts the bottom line. The new Environmental Health and Safety Summit provides executives with different approaches to optimizing the management of EHS areas in the workplace in order to minimize incidents and maximize return on investment.  

The next EHS Summit will be held in July 2019. More details to come soon.


Webinars - Industry-Related Topics

AMBA hosts a wide array of webinars annually on industry-related topics to help members run their operations more efficiently and with greater sustainability. These short learning opportunities (30 – 45 minutes) are a great way to engage additional team members within the organization. 

Webinar topics may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • ERP/MRP in Mold Shops
  • Advanced Hot Runner Technologies
  • Cyber Threats in the Workplace
  • OSHA Inspections
  • GHS Compliance
  • Succession Planning
  • R&D Tax Credits
  • Behavior-Based Safety

Webinars - Peer Networking

New this year, AMBA will provide the opportunity for professionals in different functional areas to reach out for help from their peers. By having such an expansive and energized group of professionals, AMBA’s Peer Networking Webinars allow AMBA members to solve problems and find new and more efficient ways of doing business. 

These groups consist of member professionals who work in common positions such as Human Resources, Sales and Marketing, EHS and Senior Leaders. The purpose of these webinars is to eliminate “re-inventing the wheel.” Learning from one another is one of the best professional development tools! 

Find a Mold Builder

Known as one of the best “search and find” engines on the web, AMBA’s Find a Mold Builder enables OEMs and end users who are in need of new mold manufacturing sources to apply a number of different criteria in AMBA’s search engine to locate the exact supplier to meet their manufacturing needs. Mold manufacturers may be searched by machine size, geographic location, mold type and size, quality certifications and more.

AMBA Discussion Forum for Members

Continuous exchange of information, ideas and resources between members is the purpose of AMBA’s member forum. Valuable dialogues have been archived on the AMBA forum pages for immediate recall by AMBA members.  All AMBA members are strongly encouraged to visit AMBA’s member forum several times a week to post opinions, ideas, strategies and lessons learned to those asking for input and help.