The American Mold Manufacturing Advancement (AMMA) Grant was established by the American Mold Builders Association to invest in the advancement of the industry. The purpose of the Grant is to support programs/projects that fall within three primary areas, with the common theme of advancing the industry opposed to being a benefit to only one member shop. In 2017, the AMBA awarded $90,000 in AMMA Grants to AMBA member shops and another $60,000 in 2018!

Programs/projects fall in three primary areas:

Training, which may include apprenticeship or training programs, software training and advancement in equipment or software to support training programs that benefit the mold manufacturing community and/or more than one mold shop.

Advocacy/Industry Promotion, such as government or community-level involvment, career fairs, open houses and/or videos/promotional materials.

Research and Development, such as new technologies and/or partnerships with other industry participants to create industry benefits.

Specifics of the grant program include the following:

  • Single award size: $1,000-$10,000
  • Maximum 5-year accumulation: not more than $25,000
  • Only one AMMA Grant award per AMBA company per year
  • Applicants must be AMBA members in good standing
  • Grants are available every year, fund permitting
  • Applications must be completed in full to be considered
  • Contact the AMBA office for 2019 Grant Application deadline

AMMA grant submissions are now being accepted until April 30, 2019. Download the application here.

To view the AMBA's most recent press release on 2018 winners, click here.