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Certification can be extremely valuable within the mold building industry.

Within the mold building operation, AMBA Certification can provide:
  • a raised level of worker performance, 
  • increased productivity and competitiveness, 
  • a heightened sense of pride amongst the workforce, 
  • greater visibility for highly skilled AMBA-certified mold builders and technicians through AMBA's skilled certification designations (i.e., Joe Smith, AMBA-MMBC), 
  • help employers identify areas that need additional training, 
  • a tool to test the skill level of new employees, and
  • a guideline to create an internal apprenticeship or training program.
Within the mold building industry, AMBA Certification can provide:
  • a stronger corporate brand as a company that employes an AMBA-certified workforce, 
  • a competitive advantage with highly skilled, AMBA-qualified mold builders and CNC technicians, and 
  • greater visibility amongst OEMs and potential customers. 
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