The American Mold Builders Association (AMBA) is the leading trade association for the U.S. mold manufacturing industry. With over 270 member companies located in 33 states across American, the AMBA is recognized as the association of choice by business leaders of mold building and service provider organizations. 

To support this community of industry professionals, the AMBA provides value by focusing on the following five areas: workforce development, benchmarking, strategic networking, cost-reduction programs and industry advocacy. 


Workforce Development

The AMBA defines workforce development as a top priority, providing AMBA members with scholarship programs, recruitment tools and skills certification and training tools that benefit and support educational outreach efforts within their own communities. Some of these scholarships include the AMBA AMMA Grant (American Mold Manufacturing Advancement Grant), AMBA National Scholarships and the AMBA Educational Outreach Champion Award. 



The AMBA strives to help its members gain a competitive advantage through a better understanding of best practices and pitfalls in their own operations. That's why the AMBA regularly publishes benchmarking reports on topics such as Wage and Benefits, Business Forecast, Recruiting the Millennial, Cellphone Policies, Drugs in the Workplace and more.


Strategic Networking

Strategic networking can be a key component to the success of any business. To support its members' ability to make critical connections through networking, the AMBA hosts a number of opportunities, including quarterly plant tour workshops, an annual conference and bi-annual leadership summit, frequent peer networking webinars, an online member forum and more.


Cost-Reduction Programs

With hundreds of mold builders as members, the AMBA is able to use economies of scale and enhanced leverage to obtain better pricing and opportunities for its members. These discount and price advantage programs from industry suppliers positively impact the bottom line for each AMBA member.


Industry Advocacy

The AMBA thrives on supporting its members by advocating for them in the marketplace. In addition to maintaining a national presence through tradeshows, speaking engagements and various media outlets, the AMBA partners with other trade organizations to bring additional opportunities to connect to its members, including the annual PLASTICS Fly-In, where lawmakers connect with industry professionals.