Officers and Board
of Directors

AMBA's leadership team consists of experience levels from all facets within mold manufacturing. Interested in joining the national AMBA Board of Directors? Contact Kym Conis at

Tyler VanRee
Legacy Precision Molds Inc.
Grandville, M

Vice President
Andy Peterson
Industrial Molds
Rockford, IL

Hillary Thomas
Westminster Tool Inc.
Plainfield, CT

Secretary/Legal Counsel 
Alan Rothenbuecher
Benesch, Friedlander Coplan & Aonoff LLP
Cleveland, OH

Camille Sackett
Accede Mold & Tool Company
Rochester, NY

Ed Francis
Crystallume Engineered Diamond Products
Santa Clara, CA

Mike Hetherington
Franchino Mold & Engineering
Lansing, MI

Kyle Klouda
MSI Mold Builders
Cedar Rapids, IA

John Stocker
Swiss Steel USA Inc.
Carol Steam, IL

Tom Barr
TK Mold & Engineering
Romeo, MI

Troy Roberts
Tolerance Tool
North St. Paul, MN

Chad LaMance
United Tool and Mold
Liberty, SC

Charles Daniels
Wepco Plastics
Middlefield, CT