The Franklin Partnership provides regular updates on legislation and other announcements related to COVID-19 and the current economic environment. The last update provided can be viewed here. Published on AMAy 2, 2022.

The last update includes information specific to:

  • Heavy HR regulations.
  • EEOC Report Due May 17
  • Injury/Illness Reports Proposed Rule
  • OSHA Heat National Emphasis Program in Effect Now
  • DoL Overtime Rule Regional Listening Sessions in May
  • Export-Import Bank financing for manufacturers
  • Bipartisan Innovation Act negotiations to start

Comment: On Feb. 25, 2022, the CDC announced a change in its metrics away from community transmission levels (spread) and more towards “community levels” (especially focused on hospitalizations). This will change the metrics used for classifications of counties to determine the level of risk and recommended measures per the CDC (low, medium, and high).

In addition to the above update, The Franklin Partnership has also provided AMBA members with the below resources.