AMBA is honored to have corporate Partners that support the organization through products and services specific to the mold building industry in various ways. These Partners share in AMBA member concerns and understand the challenges of the mold building industry.

AMBA's Premier Partners provide additional value to AMBA members with special offerings made available only to AMBA members. AMBA Premier Partners that offer hot runner systems are listed below. We encourage every member to take advantage of these resources.

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Hot Runner Systems


INCOE Hot Runner Systems are the heart of the injection molding process, managing and controlling Melt LogisticsĀ® inside the mold. For over 60 years, INCOE has provided mold builders with hot runner technology solutions throughout the entire process - from engineering mold review and filling simulation to on-site technical support.

Currently, INCOE Hot Runner Systems is offering AMBA members 15% off their next order of (1) I-Series or I-Series Pro Temperature Controller. Written acknolwedgement of this offer must be included with the order. 

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Please visit to learn more about INCOE products. 

Oerlikon HRSflow

Oerlikon HRSflow helps customers produce complex and accurate plastic parts. With several patented and cutting-edge innovations, such as advanced valve pin control, HRSflow covers the entire product range.

Currently, HRSflow is offering a $750 credit towards spare parts or moldflow analyses for AMBA members, with purchase of a hot runner manifold.

To learn more, visit or email Robert Harvey at and reference this offer.