What Can a Fractional CFO Do for Your Business?

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Are you getting the right information to grow your business intentionally in a healthy way? Do you have a reliable, knowledgeable, objective “sounding board” for business and financial decisions? Do you realize that expanding access to financial insights could impact business strategy, profitability, workforce management and more?

In this webinar, attendees will hear from the team at Michigan CFO Associates on the value of having a fractional CFO and the impact that role can have on a business’ bottom line.

With practical strategies and tools, these financial experts will demonstrate how services like those provided by fractional CFOs help business owners get the reports, data and input to make confident financial decisions. This presentation will be complimented with AMBA member TK Mold and Engineering, who will share firsthand how a fractional CFO transformed the business and elevated business management to new heights.

This 90-minute discussion will focus on the following topics:

  • The #1 problem with financial statements: lack of clarity
  • The role that financial statements play in management and business strategy
  • An understanding of Warren Buffet’s concept of the “Predictable Annuity” 
  • How forward-looking forecasts can drive current decision-making
  • Taking your business to the "next level" with financial leadership and continuous improvement

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This is a member-only event.

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